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Schools are reopening: how not to get overwhelmed!

In a few days schools are reopening all over SW Nigeria for S.S.3 students and then in about 2 weeks time for J.S.3 and Primary 6 students. Understandably, many parents are worried about whether the measures put in place will ensure their children’s safety while in school. Similarly, students are worried about what they have missed out on over the last few months and especially those who have upcoming exams like W.A.S.S.C.E. We can’t pretend to know everything you may be feeling or what the government will come up with to make sure everyone is are safe and well equipped to excel in their exams but we have a few tips we hope you may find helpful in this time...

i) Follow the rules of the government and the school

This is not the time to be the rule breaker who decides they don’t want to wear the masks, or that it is not cool to maintain social distancing. The government is setting guidelines to help us get over the pandemic and come out stronger on the other side. Let’s play our part, respect the rules and continue to save lives.

ii) Start getting back into your routine

Have you been staying up till 3 a.m chatting to friends or watching TV and then not waking up till 11 a.m the next morning? Don’t worry, we are all guilty of it! However, when you have to go back to school, your body will be shocked trying to get back into your old routine and it may take you some time to re-adjust to your previous waking hours. It’s almost like jet lag! Instead of waiting for school to start, try to get back into your old routine now, can you go to bed and wake up 30 minutes earlier?

iii) Don’t worry too much about catching up

It’s overwhelming to think about all the learning that you may have missed out on in the past months but try not to let it consume you to the point where you can’t move forward. There is much more learning ahead but to get there we’ll need to climb over any hurdles in our minds. Try not to focus on the things that happened in the past that you can’t control but instead focus on everything happening now. If you have exams coming up, try to focus on those and dedicate the time you need to studying - We are rooting for you!

iv) Enjoy reconnecting with your friends and teachers

It has probably been a few months since you were all able to get together so enjoy the time and bond over all the things that have changed, and the ones that have stayed the same, since the lock down and curfews began. What new hobbies or talents did you discover during the lock down? What ideas did you have that you can’t wait to try out? What learning were you able to do on your own at home?

There are so many more tips but we’d love to hear from you guys! What are you planning to do to help you adjust into going back to school? Let us know in the comments section below!

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