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2023 Year in Review

Hello Everyone 😊

I would like to thank you for sticking with the community and joining us to see us through the vision of connecting and empowering women in STEM.

With the passing months as a community,We had a beautiful year in 2023.

Afro Tech Girls will be officially wrapping up for the year, on Friday, December 22nd, 2023, and will resume officially on Monday, January 8th, 2024. And, as we bid farewell to 2023 and embrace the promise of a new one, I wanted to take this opportunity to reflect on our collective journey together as a community of empowered tech women in Africa.

 Afro-Tech Girls 2023 Event's Recap

International Women's Day 

In light of the International Women’s Day tagged “Embrace Equity,” we created a video to celebrate the women in the community who have achieved success in their respective fields despite gender-related disparities. It was a highly interactive and engaging event within the community as we had different women share their experiences and learn from each other, especially in their workplace.

Click on the link to get a better view of how we celebrated the ladies in the community.

Data Visualization Training Program 

In partnership with IHS Towers, we hosted the first cohort of Women in Tech program that brought together 25 recent female graduates for an intensive 6 weeks of data visualization training. The instructor, Idris Akilapa exposed the participants in presenting insightful dashboards through Tableau. 

There was so much to learn from the keynote speakers Thelma Osuhor and Mojaoluwa Aderemi-Makinde. We were thrilled to be inspired by their individual stories and how they paved the way for success in their various tech journeys.

ATG x Nigerian Breweries Women in STEM Program 

Afro-Tech Girls collaborated with Nigerian Breweries PLC on a 5-day boot camp to serve 100 recently graduated ladies in the STEM industry. The team went ahead to select 20 of the highest-performing ladies to undergo a one-year internship with Nigerian Breweries.

Opportunities with Propel

If you're new to the community, our partnership with Propel allows you to get both local and international job opportunities, flexible discounted offerings, and more!

How amazing! All you need to do is click on the link to sign up and access exclusive job opportunities and discounted offers

ATG’s Community Physical Meet-up

On August 26th, 2023, Afro-Tech Girls hosted her first physical hang out with the community members with over 18 ladies in attendance with our amazing hosts, Oladeji Oluwaseun, Emidowojo Opaluwa, and Ruth Ekwere. Big thumbs up to the ladies who made us have a relaxing day where we got to connect, unwind, interact, and ask questions. It was fun and informative.

Before we sign out, I wanted you to know that we have quite a lot planned out for 2024, and I hope you stick with us to experience it all💥

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and don’t forget to stay active in the community🤗

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