Thanks for your interest in joining our growing community, there are a few ways to get involved with Afro-Tech Girls and we look forward to welcoming you into our fold.



If you are a female curently in secondary school or would like to refer one, please fill out the form by clicking the form below 

Afro-Tech Girls Members will always be the first to know about exciting events, competitions, workshops and trainings organised by us and will always get priority in selection processes for events with limited space. They also have the opportunity to apply and become Student Ambassadors in their schools, this entails being the face of Afro-Tech Girls in your school and gaining some of that fantastic leadership experience everyone is always talking about. Members also have access to our mentoring programme where you will be paired with working professionals from your STEM industry of interest and this mentor will guide you through different school, university and even career choices as well as share their own experiences with you to make sure that you are always learning and are ready to excel in your chosen field.



Afro-Tech Girls Volunteers can fall into mulitple categories, we need individuals who believe in, and are committed and dedicated to our cause. Volunterring opporunities range from hands-on volunteering at events to event coordination and planning, and are tailored to the needs of the organisation at the time, however, your preferences and availability will always be taken into consideration.  Volunteers would automatically be added to our mailing list and will be informed as soon as any needs arise and in what form so that you can inform us of your interest or availability. Most importantly Afro-Tech Girls volunteers can be male or female.


For non-Lagos and non-Nigeria based volunteers, there is also the opportunity to become an Afro-Tech Girls Ambassador in your city. To drive the vision of Afro-Tech Girls, we need to expand to include you and the schools in your surrounding areas. ATG City Ambassadors will be the face of the organisation in their respective city and will be responsible for planning and execution of events in their hubs.



If you are a female professionals between the age of 21 – 35 working in Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics functions and would like to contribute your time towards encouraging and empowering a younger girl to join the STEM industry then our mentoring scheme is where you want to be. Mentors will be involved in sessions with their mentees who would be assigned based on matching interest and mentor’s availability. For the rewarding experience of mentoring a younger girl, apply today.

Note: Potential mentors are also required to send their CV/Resume to with the title 'ATG Mentor Application'

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